Contacting PC Anytime Limited

Important Contact Information:

Telephone: (03) 3594958
Workshop: 30 Greenwood Close, Christchurch. (Click here for a map)

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We know all too well it can be a hassle contacting companies so we have tried to make things as turn-key as possible for you. The Email form below pipes your message directly to our technicians' in-boxes so you can typically expect a response within a few hours, if not right away. Please be patient and rest assured we will respond as soon as we can. If you need answers right away, a phone call is your best option and our phone numbers are listed at the bottom of almost every page on this site.

In this day and age of instant global communications, we often expect answers 24/7/365. While we do monitor our in-boxes and phone message stores during normal working (and waking) hours, we are still a small company and we may be away from our computers or phones and not able to answer your question as quickly as we would like. We apologise in advance if this happens and can only suggest you leave a message or keep trying until you reach us. Thanks again and have a great day.

Phone: 3594958
Email: Please use the contact form above
Address: 14 Martbern Crescent, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8013
PO Box: No longer in use

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