PC Anytime Limited - Solutions for All Your I.T. Problems

PC Anytime Limited has the solution for all your computing problems. When you call, you won't be trying to explain your issue to a receptionist; our technicians personally answer the phones and are specially trained to assist you. Depending on the issue, we may even be able to resolve it over the phone, though if the problem is more serious we usually have to get our hands on the machine to make a proper diagnosis.

At PC Anytime, it's all about you. You decide how you want things done; we can come to your place or you can bring your computer to us. Sadly, some jobs are not that suited for lounge-room repair; in these cases we will need to take your machine away. Don't worry, we know you love your computer and we promise to take exceptional care of it for you.

PC Anytime solutions include: virus/malware/spyware removal, custom built systems, hardware sales and upgrades, performance tuning, network setup, internet/broadband installation and configuration, our much-copied computer 'Warrant of Fitness', data recovery, backup solutions, data archiving and protection, tutoring, web page design, impartial advice, insurance assessments and reports, monitor and printer repair and more. Whatever your needs, please call us first and see what great service really means!

Phone: 3594958
Email: Please use our contact form
Address: 14 Martbern Crescent, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8013
PO Box: No longer in use

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